We welcome you all to celebrate Faith, Films, Festivals & more Culturals !

“ The Church Proposes to preach the Gospel by employing the means of social communication to announce the Good News of salvation” (Vatican II, Inter Mirifica, 4 Dec 1963) employing the media such as the press, movies, radio, television that reach and influence the whole of human society.  The Church recommends in this year, that Faith through media should be made available to a wider public.

In the light of this invitation, the Bishop, clergy, religious and the laity of the diocese of Coimbatore are delighted to host the 10 days Y3F ( A Year of Faith, Films and Festivals). The event will focus on the new means of communicating and transmitting the Christian faith, especially through short films and culturals.  Y3F will be a faith walk of every baptised christian in the diocese.  It also desires the participation of every person and parish, institution and friends of other faiths.  God has blessed each one of us with different talents to announce Christ and transmit our Christian faith.  We hope that this website will encourage you to discover your talents, produce and present short films on faith and participate in maximum number of festivals during these 10 days.

Welcome to the Y3F to celebrate your faith.

God bless.
Fr. Thadeaus Amaldass
Convenor, Y3F, Jeeva Jothi Pastoral Center

For more informations send e-mails to us &
For the success of the event send knee mails to God.

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